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Chinese Tui Na was called ‘An Mo’ or massage in ancient times. The term Tui Na was first seen during the Ming Dynasty. Chinese Tui Na is a therapeutic approach guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and was first used to treat paediatric disease through massage manipulations. Tui Na is a very important component of Chinese Medicine alongside acupuncture and herbal prescription.

Today Tui Na has become very advanced in its treatment for many diseases. Used in many of the hospitals in China today in the front line of healthcare, whereas in the west these complaints are not seen in our clinics until they become chronic many days after the incident.

Errol Lynch formed Tui Na UK in 2004 following many years of clinical practice and training in China. The intentions are to spread the word of tuina as an independent cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine.

Tui Na UK brings you courses, workshops, study tours to china, tui na training DVD, Books and tuina equipment for today's Tui Na practitioner, useful tips and web links.

Learn Tui Na poster

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Symposium on TuiNa technique, Hangzhou, 13th October 2010

A special day at the Symposium on tuina Techniques, Hang Zhou 2010,10,13

View pictures in the gallery, this was a special day for Errol and tuina outside of China, Thanks to professor Fan Binghua

A new student training clinic to start in York Dec 2010! £30 for 1hr treatment!

The student clinic opens Monday to wednesday 10am to 2pm supervised by Errol Lynch. please text or call to prebook your appointment 07535 646 400

Touch Tuina Clinic: Now open at the Northern college of Acupuncture on the weekends. 10am till 2pm
practitoners on the day: Dr. Chantal and Jamie

Tuina UK Are now promoting workshops and courses that help practitioners and students in the field of disharmony.

Each month we will be offering classes and workshops from herb compress, diet and nutrition, herbal balms to new introductory tuina classes as well as tuina based foot massage all new for 2011

  • Chris Pucky and Katerina presenting new ways to view your diet  25th and 26th June 
  • Kei Ngu presenting Thai style herbal compress next month 18th June
  • Paul Robin Presenting Herbal balms for external use. 23rd April
  • Errol Lynch presenting Chinese based foot massage 22nd till 26th july

More details on our courses page!

Take a look at some of our high-profile clients in other articles:

Special Events

Acupuncture, Herbs and Tuina Study Tours to the Zhe Jiang, China Tui Na Study Tours

April 16th - 30th 2013 or October 14th - 28th October 2013

Tour Hang Zhou and the beautiful west lake, study in some of the most prestigious
TCM hospitals in China... [more]

Tuina Story 2009

Touch Tuina gets the thumbs
up in Jamaica

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